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Wish you a Very Happy New Year 2024

Be it the beginning of the year, a birthday or any festival, I think it’s a great move to start by planting a small, cute plant instead of making unnecessary extravagances like serving an innocent creature to your table as a meal and drinking lots of wine. Opening bottles.

My work is in cloud based software development, where a whole team works with me throughout the year. By the end of the year, we evaluate our economic growth and see how we have made people’s work easier, faster, and economically profitable. Plus, we set goals for the new year, which is an even bigger network, more work and profits.

We here tell people that our digital work helps in reducing tree cutting, saves paper, and facilitates a lot of digital newspapers and ERP softwares across India.

But this is an incomplete truth, the complete truth is that our working style also produces huge amounts of carbon emissions. Our projects run on servers 24/7, which consumes a lot of energy, especially the Internet, computers, and air conditioning. Energy is required to run all this, which leads to more carbon emissions. At times, every person who uses mobile phones and computers is responsible for carbon emissions. Lives and travels in air condition.

So the problem is that we cannot stop these things because they have many positive aspects which everyone knows.
Yes, we all can definitely do this, create such technology that emits minimum carbon, plant more trees, do not include innocent animals in our food and most importantly, involve our children emotionally in all these works.

I plant a few saplings every year and ensure that they get protection and food until they reach adulthood.
Till now I have planted mostly Peepal and Banyan trees. Its lifespan is very long and it provides oxygen 24 hours, although its special features are so many that an entire book can be written, but one special thing which very few people know is that the Peepal or Banyan plant self-seeds. It cannot be grown from grass, its seeds are eaten by birds, then the seeds enter the bird’s stomach where a special chemical reaction takes place and when the birds bite, this plant is born.
Therefore, only if trees remain, birds will also remain and if we keep destroying them, we too will not survive.
I pray to God Mahadev that 2024 brings more happiness, peace and prosperity in your life. Thanks Suman Shekhar.