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The best way to connect with thousands of customers from one place at a time through the E-Commerce website. Abhastra technology helps you to provide all kinds of E-Commerce solutions.

We Develop Single vendor and Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Website and app

Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce Mobile App Development

Self-Manageable eCommerce Platform

Online Lead Generation and Conversion

Reporting and Progressive Analysis

Highly responsive UI & UX

Benefits of our e-commerce development services

Work on the latest technology and make the best quality of e-commerce products for the best bug-free high performance. For this, our team makes continuous research and innovation in these fields.
our e-commerce solution is available for large enterprise, SMB, and small business website.

Manage Affiliate program

The affiliate market is one of the best ways to promote eCommerce sites also it is the cheapest way of promotion and increase the sells and revenue.

Users Apply for Affiliate Program

Admin Approval

Affiliate Link Generate

Publishing Link Generate

Purchase from the link

Multi Language support Easy Translation and Country-based Flag

New Currency added option Default currency and currency exchange option

Multi-Shipping option, Free shipping local pickup and flat-rate option

Multi-Payment Gateway option Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe

Dynamic Wallet System

Wallet recharge from all payment gateways
Shopping From Wallet Balance
View Proper Wallet Recharge History
Wallet Enable/Disable option by admin

Login & Sharing Option

Log in Sign up module With forget password
Log in with Social media account Google+, Facebook, Twitter
Forget password through OTP on Email and Phone No

Order Tracking system

Order ID, Current Order Status
Shipping Address
Payment Method
Delivery Date and Time

Product Posting and presentation

Category Level product
Individual Brand adding option, Dynamic customer choice option
Product option based price & Stock setup
Product option based SKU stands for Stock-keeping unit
Product Photo, Video uploading, and Video presentation option

Our Core Ecommerce Featured

Commission System

Easiest Seller Payment

Dynamic Seller Verification

Seller & Product Review System

Smart Cart system

Easiest Checkout

Product Compare

Product Wishlist

Today's Deal Product

Flash Deal Product

Featured Product

Guest Checkout

Suggestional Search

dynamic Homepage

Offline Payment system

Refund system

Smart Notification System

New Seller Approval

New Inhouse order

New Sale Notification

New Seller Registration

New Seller Registration

International Standard For Your marketplace!

All Navigations & Links
Order List summery
Verification Sticker
Category based Product

Seller Public Profile
Dynamic Slider
Featured Product Slider
Separate Branding Option

Product Posting

Advanced and Dynamic

Multiple Image upload option
Product option-based pricing
Slider Create by multiple images
Brand based product search

Seller based product search
Advanced price range filter
Advanced Shorting option
Product option based stock

Order Management

Invoice Download

Smart order View

Manage Staff

Staff Permission

Staff Create

Why Choose Us For Best Performance E-Commerce Web Development

In the rapidly changing industrial world, the e-commerce platform is playing a major role today and with the help of Abhastra Technology, these e-commerce systems are becoming better and more high performance. The e-commerce systems we create are bug-free and user-friendly to a large extent. This helps in increasing customer efficiency and productivity. Today if we talk about a simple consumer or small businessmen and his troubles about few years ago, the choice of customers and the market for merchants was limited to a certain range, in which there was a lot of time and money are consumed to travel at a physical location. that affected the purchase price of goods. but today everything has changed with the coming of the e-commerce industry. Today, the consumer can choose for himself from thousands of millions of goods, whereas the demand for his goods has increased greatly due to the penetration of the businessmen all over the world. They no longer need to have expensive stores because they are all digital. Today The Abhastra Technology Pvt. Limited is playing an important role in making the e-commerce platform better than ever.

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