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How do pitch customers to get maximum conversion rate?

In this article, we will tell you specifically about two types of sales pitch.
First – physical pitch and second – how to do pitching on the phone.
First of all we will know how to prepare before pitching?
When you pitch with full preparation, believe me, the chances of conversion increase manifold.

  1. First of all make a list of your target customers and collect their personal information about them like their profession, what level their business is currently working in, what problems they are facing, when they have free time It is their age, gender, income and possibly their educational qualification, how they behave towards strangers, what they like and don’t like in personal life. What is their attitude towards the product or service you are about to pitch to them?
    You can get to know this information to some extent from the people who know them, through social media and internet.
  2. When information about your target customers is available, divide them into separate lists – – – – – – – – –

Put on the first list the customers who are most interested in your product or service, who really need your product, who are likely to remain customers for a long time, who have good paying ability.

In the second list, those who want to use your product but take a long time to pay.

Thirdly, those who want to take advantage of your product but they may not have good ability to pay.

Fourth, those who neither want to take interest in your product nor spend money for it.

  1. After this, remember every detail of your product or service that you are going to offer to the customer like what are its features, how reliable it is, how easy it is to use, how it is better than other competitors How good is your customer support system after sales? Also, what will be the benefits of your product to them, how will the use of your product change their business or personal life.
  2. Then focus on those aspects that what questions your customers can ask you and what would be the best answer for you, as well as keep a list of your customers who have always given you the best reviews, for this You can make good use of your business’s social accounts like Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram pages. If you provide your service through mobile application then play store or apple app store must get good reviews from customer here. This is one of the big factors in your business conversion.
  3. Now that you are ready to enter the market, first of all, if your meeting is physical, then decide on the right time to meet so that it is important that the customer listens to all your words calmly, if you are on a phone call, then ask them Be sure to ask if this is the right time to talk.
    When you give your presentation, be confident and disciplined. Try to talk only on the subject matter. When customers are telling about their problems, please listen patiently and don’t interrupt them and try to match their yes to yes so that they realize that you understand their problems very well. Then you tell them how your company will solve their problem.
  4. It is said that two factors matter the most in your deal

# How much is the customer’s trust in you first.

# Secondly, how much does the customer really need your product.

So in such a situation, if you are a new entrepreneur or you want to launch your product in another new market, then obviously the first factor trust can create some difficulties for you, then follow some steps to solve this problem–
For example, create a strong social media account, make a good website of your company which is beautiful to look at, load is very fast, make a page of about us and contacts, mention your working days, definitely link the website to social media account Also give your phone number and official email. Try to have email with the same name as your domain name, for example, my company’s domain name is and our email [email protected] It is also very helpful in preventing fraud and hackers. Is. Make sure to create columns on your website like customer reviews, past great things, your team, your vision, mission why customers should choose you. Also, take special care that your website is mobile friendly.
Whether your business is a legal entity is also a factor that matters.
Apart from this, if possible, make video ads and put them on the website, YouTube, Facebook everywhere. Video presentation or video advertising helps a lot in conversions.

  1. Now if the deal is done, then mention every points in the retention and send it to the customer through email as well as take some advance money before starting the work. So that there is less risk of losing money later.

The great Acharya Chanakya, the father of economics, has written in Chanakya Niti- –
A person is greedy for money, by giving him money, by adding hands to an arrogant or arrogant person, by accepting a fool as his word and by telling the truth to a learned person, his point is made human.

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