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Web Design and Web Development why they different?

Often, the difference between these two terms in web design and web development makes people confused. Even many early-stage developers are often not aware of their differences. After all, how are these two words different, we try to understand them in easy terms, what is the role of these two in making a better website.

Web Design

As the name suggests in the term web design, work is related to design. Design is the earliest stage of construction of any work if we try to understand it in easy language, then suppose if you want to build a house to live then what will be the first step for it? Obviously, you will first prepare the design of your house like how many rooms will be in it, what will be the size of each room, what will be their color, what will it be like inside and what will it look like from outside? And so on. Then when it is fixed then start the work of its construction.
The same thing happens in web designing, first of all, we create the layout of the website, how many pages will have the total of the website, what will be the color of the theme, what font family and what color will be in the content of the website, where will the content be Its location will be determined in advance, how many pictures will be used, how much and what data will be taken from the user through the form, In different devices like mobiles or laptops, how will there User Interface and User Experience? etc.

The main characteristics of a good web designer.

The web developer needs a creative approach to creating a great user interface.
He should have a good knowledge of graphic design such as Photoshop or other tools.
He should be good knowledge in their tool or the framework which is using in making their website such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, MSQL, WORDPRESS, etc.

What should be the features in good website design based on user experience?

The language and style of a good website should be mutual and should include such things that are characteristic of your business.
For the convenience of the people, a call to action button should be present on the homepage.
The website should have an About Us page which helps people to understand you more and more.
The user should easily contact your contact page.
It should have links to social media accounts.
One should always come to the homepage as soon as the website logo is pressed.

Web Development

Now when a website is completely built after design, then it is made live on the Internet with the help of a server. Now after this the work of web development takes place in which the website is made better than before, higher capacity and more and more data is maintained.
Website construction is mainly divided into two parts.
Front-end and back-end, front end developer mainly work to improve the user interface while back end developer main task is to improve user experience through the layout.
In web development, additional functions are developed on the website mainly to have more working capacity on the website. Those who fall under the category of web development. Apart from this, developers make sure that the website’s connection with the server is completely correct while maintaining the website’s alert maintenance, fixing their bugs, etc.

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