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What will happen in your life with the arrival of the 5G network?

Due to the continuous rapid development of technology, the speed of our lives has also changed rapidly and the 5G network is going to prove to be a game-changer technology in increasing this speed.
There was a time when we had to work with the 2G network, it used to be very difficult to transfer data and download them, along with that it used to spend a lot of time. Then after that, when the 3G and 4G networks came and then after that there was a big change in the speed of internet communication, which used to work in 2G speed for hours, now it started to happen in just a few minutes. But now with the arrival of 5G, the speed of 4G will also be left far behind.

How will be the speed of the 5G network?

The speed of the 5G network will be 100 times higher than today’s 4G network. Be it the biggest applications or downloading a movie, it will take just a few seconds. Which will be around 300 megabits/second.
Network speed is generally measured in bits per second (bit/s). Bit stands for binary digit. With the larger volumes of data supported by 5G speeds, data transfer rates are expressed in kilobits (kbit/s), megabits (Mbit/s), and, in future, even gigabits (Gbit/s) or terabits (Tbit/s).
In recent times, a German telecom company named Deutsche Telekom tested the speed of the 5G network in which they successfully measured the speed of 3 gigabits/second. The company’s objective is to reach 10 gigabits/second in the future. However, it will require a lot of 5G antennas for them, as well as updated devices whether they are smartphones or any other device.

Why is a 5G network necessary in the development of human life? And what will be its use in our daily life?

The important question is, what is the need for 5G in our daily life? So the answer is that this is Industrial Revolution 4.O where technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics are making our daily life easier. But the problem with them is that together there is a lot of data processing, which is very difficult to do with 3G and 4G networks. So it is necessary to bring a 5G network.
Because the speed of 5G network is very good and hence there is no problem in the data processing. But for these networks, it is necessary to have a lot of antennas.
More antennas will be needed because millions of devices will require data processing simultaneously.
Today we have devices like Google Assistance and Personal Assistance like Virtual Artificial Intelligence like Alexa making our lives easier. But in the future, for these to work better, it is necessary that the speed of the Internet is high. When we ask a question from Google Assistance, then after this the processing is done, then the correct answer can be received from Google Assistance, the better the speed of the internet, the more quickly the answer will reflect.
Most of the work in the future will happen with the help of a 5G network and artificial intelligence which will make our daily work easier and easier. Then we will have driverless cars which will be connected to thousands of millions of sensors at the same time, then they will be safer than today, they will automatically find parking space in the city. They will be able to see the traffic signal from far enough which your eyes cannot see correctly. In farming, Artificial Intelligence drones themselves will inject insecticides as per their requirement.
Even the tractor will be driverless. The logistics industry will also be run entirely with the help of 5G network and artificial industry, then trucks themselves will transport salmon from one place to another. Drones will be transporting small items from one place to another by themselves. There may be a drone parcel waiting on the roof of your house in the coming time.
It is possible that in the office where you go for an interview, there is no person to interview you, but an AI who can analyze your strengths and weakness deeply and your selection also be decided by an AI device.
It is possible that your doctor will also is an artificial intelligence robot. In the future, there will be no field which will untouched by them.

Are the 5G network and its radiation Dangerous for health?

Stuck 5G can transmit more data in less time in the future, so the transmission is intended to be on a large frequency soon, which will be from 8 to 100 GHz. Above 6 GHz the wavelength of the waves decreases very much, so their transmission becomes very weak. Buildings and tree plants prevent them greatly, hence the radiation of antennas have to increase and their number also increases. But mobile radiation is more deadly for healthy, so far no concrete results have been found, nor has there been any special research on it. Therefore, the 5G network is dangerous for healthy or there is no harm from it, it is a matter of research. People believe that mobile radiation is dangerous not only for humans but also for animals and animals. Some time ago, news related to the 5G network came to the headlines that 300 birds had died simultaneously during the 5G trial in the Netherlands. However, after investigation, it was found that the birds did not die due to 5G. Because the 5G trials happened four months ago from the death of the birds. Although the length of 5G waves is very short, due to which it is absorbed by the skin, there is a risk of cancer in the skin, but there is no concrete evidence of these things yet.

  1. what is the speed of 5G network

    According to the test conducted by the telecom companies so far, the top speed recorded of the 5G network is 100 megabits/second to 10 GHz Gigabits/second.

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